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Wałki, rolki, cylindry, koła jezdne, regeneracja i produkcja
Production of new shafts and regeneration of the old ones.

Our activities include production of complete shafts upon our customers'(TM) orders. The new shafts are entirely produced by ourselves. After making the metal core we sandblast it, coat with an appropriately selected compound, vulcanize, grind, polish, test the quality and pack the ready to use product.

Upon the customers'(TM) wishes we provide the shafts we make with bearings or bushings, thus the shafts are ready to use directly after delivering them.

We make also metal shafts made of: ordinary steel, high quality steel, chrome coated (by technical or spraying method), ceramics, water and paint duct rollers.

All the shafts are fabricated as per our own technical documentation or according to the one provided by the clients.

Our documentation consists of several thousand manufacturing drawings. It is extended and updated on daily basis which allows us to take responsibility when producing shafts for very extensive range of the industrial machines.
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