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Wałki, rolki, cylindry, koła jezdne, regeneracja i produkcja
is a way to reduce significantly the production costs.

Nowadays almost each company is looking for possibilities to reduce the production costs. Wishing to satisfy the market needs, our company is more and more dynamic in reaching different potential clients from all the regions of Poland, and from abroad as well. After completed regeneration process you receive a product looking like as a brand new at a very attractive price.

Each shaft we receive for regeneration is at first thoroughly checked to verify its wear rate in order to eliminate useless regeneration of the shafts which are worn too much. On specially adopted machines we check diameters of the shaft necks on which bearings or bushings are to be mounted, we check the radial run-out, thickness of the metal core, etc. | Only after positive results of the initial tests a shaft is given a status "regenerable" and is it moved to the production factory.

The capabilities of our factory allow us to regenerate both small rollers and large shafts with the diameter of 660 mm and total length of 3000 mm.
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